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Prospective Members

Make Your Music Mean More




BARS invites orchestral musicians to inquire about joining the symphony.


Our musicians and audiences recognize the high artistic quality and social atmosphere of the ensemble at our sold-out concerts. You’re sure to enjoy our weekly rehearsals at SF State University on Wednesday evenings from 7:30PM to 10PM.   We welcome LGBTQ and straight musicians (approximately 20-25% of our members and 40% of our audience identify as straight). We have musicians from all over the Bay Area and provide carpools. Advanced and intermediate players are welcome. Please RSVP in advance.
If you are interested in joining, please fill out the New Player Form. We will follow up with information about position availability for playing and/or subbing, auditions and other information.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Email recruitment at bars-sf dot org for questions or more information.


Link to Rehearsal / Event schedule for the 2017-2018 season (updated Sept 20, 2017).


You don’t need to play an instrument to get involved! Visit our Volunteer Page for info and to participate.