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Corporate Partnerships

BARS is redefining the orchestral experience with passionate, entertaining programs with a confident LGBTQ voice and universal appeal. BARS has developed a heritage and loyal fan base that few other arts organizations can claim.

Our audience are consumers you want to reach: affluent, active and deeply hooked in to the richness and diversity of San Francisco arts and culture.

Affluent | More than half of our audience members are single with a HHI of $75k+
Educated | Patrons index at 97 for completing their college education
Loyal | >54% purchased product/service from LGBTQ business (30 days)
Active | >85% will attend a classical performance in 6 months

Sponsorship Opportunities

BARS doesnโ€™t just perform great music. We create memorable experiences. Drawing on our exemplary talent and loyal fan base, BARS events offer compelling sponsorship opportunities with a high return on investment. Our exciting events showcase our talent and ambition, and event sponsors are in the spotlight, reaching some of their most valuable customers.

Marketing Benefits through logo placement and association with the BARS brand
Targeted reach through BARSโ€™ marketing and publicity strategies
Cross promotions of your companyโ€™s products and services
Access to the BARS team and affiliate distribution to leverage your sponsorship

Advertising Opportunities

BARS was built on the principle that music and community play essential roles in our daily lives, and offers our community a unique musical and social experience infused with a confident LGBTQ voice and universal appeal.

Our loyal audience believes that the marriage of music and community helps to enable the best of themselves, and our patrons support businesses who share and make visible these values.